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Puddinq.com is about sharing knowledge about WordPress Coding. We publish blogs with snippets, plugins with update features and recipes for those who found puddinq in another way


Puddinq.com offers technical blogs on various subjects, mostly WordPress or website development related. The posts are often multilingual and as clear as possible to implement the desired functionality. View blog


Some of the technical blog solutions are baked in a package (WordPress plugin), the packages can be downloaded for instant implementation of a given technical solution. Download plugins

About Puddinq

pudding – noun.[pud-ding] – can refer to a dessert just as well as a savory dish. It is a mash of inggredients that result in an attractive homogeneous product. This has a simularity to how code can be the ingredients of a website. read more


Since we snatched one of the domain names suitable for hosting pudding recipes, we offer people searching for them an archive of examples. So for them and programmers that want a break… make your pudding. View recipes