Puddinq.com sharing knowledge



Puddinq is a network of 3 sites puddinq.com, puddinq.mobi and puddinq.nl. Initially set up to test various web development techniques, puddinq.com is the first to have gone from pointless to a focused project to share information.


This site is based on three subjects: blogs with WordPress related code snippets, an unofficial repository for maturing custom plugins and a collection of puddinq recipes.

WordPress snippets

While developing it is comfortable to be able to fall back on manuals and snippets that can be used as a starting point for implementing solutions. While google and bing might be your most used tools they do not always get you to the solution. And often finding the same thing a second time takes longer then it did the first time. Puddinq.com focusses to make those solutions available and maintained.

Unofficial repository

Some solutions are easily wrapped in a plugin and can offer a general solution for a lot of developers and people not comfortable with code. By using the puddinq repository they can be hosted and improved over time, users will benefit from the update functionality to fix issues and keep the solution up to date even if WordPress itself progresses.


The name puddinq rises from the idea you can put everything in a pudding and however messy the ingredients the goal of the end result is a good looking treat. With the name the website might attract people looking for that treat.. as we all like a puddinq we try to put some ideas for people cooking as well.