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Php 7.3.11 and MySql 8.0.18 on WAMP

Php 7.3.11 and MySql 8.0.18 on WAMP

Following an earlier post how to update your wamp stack to Php 7.2, we update the tip and point out Php 7.3.11 and MySql 8.0.18 are available on Wamp. get your updates Awaiting Php 7.4 coming november 2019 we are excited.. If Php 7.4 is available it will be with at the same page get your […]

load_plugin_textdomain is not working, how to debug

Loading the textdomain for a custom plugin can feel like a nightmare. It either works, or you are endlessly trying to alter it untill it workd. wp_debug is no help and there you feel you do not have any way to debug it. Untill now: load_plugin_textdomain does return true or false and if it is […]

PHPstorm auto completing html code

A short video showing what you can do with emmet in PHPstorm to automplete html structures

Programmatticaly create a WooCommerce product with variations

Sometimes you need to alter a lot of products, or create extra options. Even if bulk edit could do it and you max to editing 200 pages at once, it is still a tedious job vulnerable for human error. You need a script. The snippets below will not fix your job but give you the […]

Output array() as html table with keys as colomn header

This function returns every array() as html table. function puddinq_display_table($result) { if (is_null($result)) { return; } ?> <table> <thead> <tr> <th><?php echo implode(‘</th><th>’, array_keys(current($result))); ?></th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <?php foreach ($result as $row): array_map(‘htmlentities’, $row); ?> <tr> <td><?php echo implode(‘</td><td>’, $row); ?></td> </tr> <?php endforeach; ?> </tbody> </table> <?php }