RaspberryPi 4 – webserver

For a few years I have had a RaspberryPi 3 running with php 5.6, 7.1, apache, webmin and virtualmin. On it some scanning software, websites and a package repository. This is all working well ( for light use ). But there are a few issues: no support for the latest versions of php and .. […]

WordPress .htaccess rule only for frontend (logged out)

So I added some apache .htaccess rows to the .htaccess in my WordPress setup and found the /wp-admin/ was not working anymore. It redirected me to the frontend and I was stuck… The rules worked as wanted frontend, but broke the backend. I needed one extra row to say: ‘only do it frontend’. This is […]

Wamp PHP 7.2 Mysql 5.7

Updating your wamp stack is relatively easy, you just need the right files and info. There are a few options to concider off which some can be manditory. Just update: if you can? Reinstall Extra’s Backup ?

Working with Linux (git) on Windows

After working with git local and true ssh on remote linux servers I have tried numerous software connection packages, after a few years one stands out and Git-scm – download Start where you want Rightmouse click anywhere in your file explorer and open the bash shell in the same path with Git Bash Here Use […]

Generating ssh key

An ssh key holds information that once combined with a login action lets you login without using a password*. This is very useful if you login regularly.  * You have to leave the keyphrase empty while generating the key file in order to login without anything more than a username.

FileZilla FTP keyfile pkk windows

Using a ssh key file to connect to your server with FileZilla sftp is easy once you have generated a key file (tutorial). Once you have a id_rsa file in the .ssh folder in you profile folder (users/your-name) you can use that directly in Filezilla.

Linux show last (n) rows of file

If you have ssh access to a server you can have a live view on whats happening by displaying the last lines of the error or access log. Here is it and how is explained below.

You have to navigate to where your error or access logs are, change it to yours execute your […]

Adding key from server to Bitbucket or Github

First you connect to your server (ssh) Run ssh-keygen in the account you want to generate keys for Enter the questions (set nothing) View .ssh/id_rsa Copy the contents Add them to your Bitbucket or Github account