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FileZilla FTP keyfile pkk windows

FileZilla FTP keyfile pkk windows

Using a ssh key file to connect to your server with FileZilla sftp is easy once you have generated a key file (tutorial). Once you have a id_rsa file in the .ssh folder in you profile folder (users/your-name) you can use that directly in Filezilla.

Linux show last (n) rows of file

If you have ssh access to a server you can have a live view on whats happening by displaying the last lines of the error or access log. Here is it and how is explained below. cd /logs tail -n 10 -f error_log | cut -b 1-200 You have to navigate to where your error […]

Adding key from server to Bitbucket or Github

First you connect to your server (ssh) Run ssh-keygen in the account you want to generate keys for Enter the questions (set nothing) View .ssh/id_rsa Copy the contents Add them to your Bitbucket or Github account