Mount NTFS drive on Paspberry 4

Having a spare SSD harddrive and the new Raspberry 4 running Raspbian Buster (Debian 10.0 – Buster) I wanted to expand the storage with the 125GB SSD. I plugged it in with the SATA 22pin USB 3.0 connector but like most things it is not that simple.. running fdisk the SSD does not show the […]

Install Node.js Npm on Raspberry 4 – Debian Buster

There are multiple fine tutorials on how to install Node.js and npm on the Pi3, but these are a bit out dated to use on the Raspberry 4 with.

RaspberryPi 4 – webserver

For a few years I have had a RaspberryPi 3 running with php 5.6, 7.1, apache, webmin and virtualmin. On it some scanning software, websites and a package repository. This was all working very well webmin and virtual min were very pleasant . The RaspberryPi 3 took me a month to setup, trying everything from […]