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Double sql join query

Double sql join query

Getting WordPress features images (_thumbnail_id) that have an empty caption and return the ID’s and there relative path (_wp_attachment_file).

Use production uploads on local development

in your .htaccess Just serve everything from production (add to .htaccess in root) Or place in .htaccess in uploads folder to only look for files in production that do not exist in development or your nginx

Do not autocomplete login field (or others)

Inputfields are quality content in ‘the web’ world, they send valuable information from the guest to the server. Some inputfields are repeatetly used very often with different inputs. If you have extensions or browser software that autocompletes the fields this can be very annoying. To turn autocomplete off simply set autocomplete to false:

Wp gravity forms and menu access for editor role

It is preferable to give ( even paying clients ) and editor role instead of an administrator role. This way you can be in control over theme settings and plugin installations / updates. But there are some things you can a allow your editor to control that do not fit in the role capabilities. Two […]

PHPStorm - remove div with class

In a search and replace project we had to remove one div from 1000+ static html pages. We knew the id (container) and class (nav) it had and the class of the div (class is fullWithBlock) that followed that specific div on every page (<div id=\’container\’ class=\’nav\’>[.\s\S]*?)(?=(<div class=’fullWidthBlock))

One stop redirect https and www

If you want a redirect to the www version and a redirect to the https version of your blog, you might add rules to redirect those situations. On any pageload test this kan be punished if it detects tworedirect (both to www and https). To be save time and score, do both redirects in one […]