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Debug your custom code

Debug your custom code

One thing is to do quality checks, but if you wite your code in a certain way, it can check itself. In your wp-config

Gravity Forms image upload preview

Gravity forms is like magic, you can create a form with advanced options without any real knowledge of coding. The basic plugin does not offer a way to show image previews for uploaded images, but with a little extra code it is easily implemntated. The code is just copy paste while changing 2 numbers. Everybody […]

WordPress on PHP 7.2

As php is making it’s progress, and we were happy with the speed improvements coming from php 5.6 for php 7.0, 7.2 seems to top that pleasure with a slam dunk. But what are the effects for WordPress? This site is running php 7.2, so it is possible. Should you update? First The core seems to […]

WordPress embed YouTube without cookie

If you embed videos the usual way, youtube sets extra cookies in your users browsers. If you do not want this you need to embed itin a custom way with a custom link

WooCommerce - order info and order notification

We have two plugins in the puddinq repository, that enhance the WooCommerce order screen. One gives more information about the order products, the other an order notification when an order is placed. Order information Order notification

jQuery Autocomplete with Wordpress

Assuming you know something about plugin development, I want to share a piece using jQuery autocomplete the WordPress way. Ajax calls have been around and jQuery autocomplete has been, but you do not see them as much together in examples the WordPress way.

Most appreciated WordPress plugins 2017

It is the end of the year and I am making a list, the most appreciated WordPress plugins I have used in 2017. Plugins extend the functionality of WordPress and need to flexibel and trustworthy. Here is my list with some exploitation: 1. GravityForms Build anything from a contactform to a ticket-system that organizes your […]

Not filling FTP information to download plugin

If you use the following code you do not need to fill in ftp information when you install a plugin or theme. /* Sets up ‘direct’ method for wordpress, auto update without ftp */ define(‘FS_METHOD’,’direct’); Put the above somewhere in wp-config.php.. It is a good habit to place the code in the top of the […]

Enhanced order list for WooCommerce

We have developed a small plugin the enhances the WooCommerce orderscreen with order products and specified order costs.. for the moment. More enhancements, filters and search options will be available soon. Check out the WordPress repository

Remove WooCommerce orders

Sometimes you need to clean up. One way of making your tables smaller is to delete data that is not used anymore,.. old orders in WooCommerce could be an option.