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Puddinq Dashboard – a bright, sunny view on the wp admin dashboard

Puddinq Dashboard - a bright, sunny view on the wp admin dashboard

A bright, sunny view on the wp admin dashboard. The Puddinq Dashboard adds functionality and coloring to the admin dashboard. Optional settings Show/ hide widgets Hide WordPress logo and menu Change to colors of the dashboard

WordPress add user capability on plugin activation

In the situation below is a class with two methods which could be hooked to plugin (de)activation. The first gets the user with the same e-mail address as the website (settings->general) and adds a capability to that user. The second removes the capability from all users that have it.

WordPress php variabele in javascript and ajax request

Once a page is loaded you can use Javascript to make an additional request for information. This requires a javascript file and a php function allowed to pass that information. All you need This article gives you all you need to make a plugin that can: Use a php variabele in a javascript file. (make […]

Reorder posts in blog loop

If you want to sort by title The code on the right is a individual loop you could place in wordpress. In the arguments the orderby is set to title, so posts will show alphabetically. Up and down can be set with DESC or ASC. Reorder the main loop If you want your frontpage blogroll […]

Member or visitor content

Decide who can see the content The code on the below can be used to: Show content only to members [member]visible by members[/member] Sow content only to guests [visitor]visible by visitors[/visitor] Place it in the funtions.php in your theme folder. function visitor_check_shortcode( $atts, $content = null ) { if ( ( !is_user_logged_in() && !is_null( $content […]

WP Multisite on Wamp

To develop a WordPress Multisite on a Wamp server some extra steps are needed before you can start with the famous 5 minute installation of WordPress, followed by the steps to initiate the WordPress Multisite. 1. The first step will be to define the wanted domain names to be available in your pc. These domain […]

wp test content

wp test is een xml import met een variatie van gebruikers pages en posts om een thema te testen wptest.io github Wp test is useful to populate pages, posts and users with dummy data. Sometimes when working on a project you need content to see shape. wordpress plugin fakerpress fakerpress is a plugin that can […]

woocommerce list and compare

Plugin that lists and compares products. WooCommerce is a very nice free plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce Pud is a complementary plugin that offers two abilities: to list products and compare them. Both functionalities are not standard in WooCommerce and are not represented in the WordPress repository very well. WooCommerce Pud tops it and combines them: WooCommerce List AND Compare.  […]

Changing the wordpress title

The WordPress title is build up from a few elements. One hook (filter) that holds most elements is ‘document_title_parts’. The wp_title() function is great, but it does not let you change the content only the format. Changing the WordPress title: The WordPress title is build up out of 4 elements and can be generated with wp_title(). […]

Sort posts in wordpress (custom way)

In wordpress you sometimes want to sort posts in a way that is not possible with the standard core. The first thing you have to investigate is: is it possible to do it in the standard way. Sort posts by custom post type The problem I had: Search results came back for different custom post […]