WordPress and people underestimating costs attract

While in te progress of writing your businessplan for your website, underestimating the costs can be the result of using little or the wrong information. WordPress is based on an opensource project and therefor has no direct costs. Assumptions based on the free entry setup can lead to serious project challenges.

Underestimating the costs

Depending on the scale of the project in your mind you could have had different thoughts reading the word businessplan. Any website is like holding an office in the online world. You are making a statement, have an image, people can find it online. You need a plan.

A lot of results can be achieved not spending any currency, but it will take you time to learn how and time to do it.

An example list of costs a regular website has to set up:

  • Businessmodel
  • Functional design
  • Content
  • Design
  • Custom development (pro tuning)
  • Testing
  • Promotional
  • Maintenance – every year
  • Hosting – every year
  • Domain name – every year
  • SSL – every year
  • Plugins – every year
  • Theme – every year
  • Maintenance – every year

WordPress is free

Yes. WordPress is a community project developing every day. This means WordPress evolves and this needs to be mirrored in your project. WordPress needs maintanance for vulnarabilities, 3rd party software compatibility and your desires.

The attraction

You can make a website with WordPress at a minimum of costs, people do this every day. If this is a match with your needs can only be answered comparing it with your businessplan.