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Eonon – GA2114 Manual

Eonon - GA2114 Manual

De Eonon GA2114 is a Chinese car multimedia player that runs on Android 4.4.4.
Dowload manual: The GA2114 is a 2_DIN Quad-Core 7″ car stereo with endless options. It is best compared to a simple Android Phone with all the abilities.

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On top of the normal phone abilities it offers front camera DVR function en a backup rear view camera option.

After experienced it a year I say it is a nice crappy gadget. Radio reception is not that good, but I have loads of music and video’s on it. Google maps ie great and the Bluetooth carkit a weel appreciated.  I never got to it to install the rear camera but I suspect it works just as wel as the front DVR I have. It is simpel (old android phone) but quick and generally reliable. It is the cheapest thing around.. so expect that.