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Track external links with google Analytics – no tagmanager needed

You most likely have the analytics script on your site already. There are a few versions and this one uses the _gaq.push one not the ga(…)

One stop redirect https and www

If you want a redirect to the www version and a redirect to the https version of your blog, you might add rules to redirect those situations. On any pageload test this kan be punished if it detects tworedirect (bot to ww and https). To be save do both redirects in one swift move.

Copyright notice with current year

This line shows a copyright notice with the current year. Add it in your WordPress theme template somwhere.

Autologin for wordpress

At one site I have a custom role that can only view the orders. The owner wants some users to hav access without a password. Yes this story gets dumber.. He wants to give access by clicking a link. The basic script offered to autologin are hooked in to ‘plugins_loaded’ or ‘wp’. Both these hooks […]

Excel csv – snippet

This function writes a csv file to the folder it is run in.

Strip shortcodes from content

make shortcodes show / not work

HTML to image

je hebt nodig html2canvas en canvas2image

Debug your custom code

One thing is to do quality checks, but if you wite your code in a certain way, it can check itself. In your wp-config

Content needed for a website

Starting a website is quick, but putting the content you want in the right position takes some time. If you have 5 pages and some products in your plan you will need a few texts, images, product specifications and maybe some documents for privacy and terms and condition.

WordPress and people underestimating costs attract

While in te progress of writing your businessplan for your website, underestimating the costs can be the result of using little or the wrong information. WordPress is based on an opensource project and therefor has no direct costs. Assumptions based on the free entry setup can lead to serious project challenges. Underestimating the costs Depending […]