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WordPress 5.3 Gutenberblocks get better

This week WordPress released version 5.3 and the ‘Gutenberblocks’ are maturing. You can perfectly run WordPress without the blocks using the ‘classic editor‘ but the concideration list you might have is getting smaller.

load_plugin_textdomain is not working, how to debug

Loading the textdomain for a custom plugin can feel like a nightmare. It either works, or you are endlessly trying to alter it untill it workd. wp_debug is no help and there you feel you do not have any way to debug it. Untill now: load_plugin_textdomain does return true or false and if it is […]

Fix WordPress migrate PhpMyAdmin errors and others

When migrating from development to live it is very simple to just synchronise the upload folder and export and import the database with PhpMyAdmin. In some cases this resolves in errors, and if this is the only technique you know you can get blocked. There are a few other migrating options and one special one […]

Install Node.js Npm on Raspberry 4 – Debian Buster

There are multiple fine tutorials on how to install Node.js and npm on the Pi3, but these are a bit out dated to use on the Raspberry 4 with.

Laravel – changes to code have no effect

  One of the most annoying things in webdevelopment is cache. There is server cache, software cache, website cahe and browser cache. In laravel there are a few software cache parts you can reset to rule out laravel itself is the problem: Run the following commands to clear laravel

Run Windows 10 in Dark mode – real black

You most likely knew the new Windows 10 sidebar offers you a quick way to activate ‘Focus assist’ and ‘Night mode’. These do not give you the dark OS experience like the new Android phones give you with the ‘Night mode’. Focus assist blocks interruptions and night mode filters the blue colors. But what if […]

RaspberryPi 4 – webserver

For a few years I have had a RaspberryPi 3 running with php 5.6, 7.1, apache, webmin and virtualmin. On it some scanning software, websites and a package repository. This was all working very well webmin and virtual min were very pleasant . The RaspberryPi 3 took me a month to setup, trying everything from […]

PHPstorm auto completing html code

A short video showing what you can do with emmet in PHPstorm to automplete html structures