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Laravel – changes to code have no effect

  One of the most annoying things in webdevelopment is cache. There is server cache, software cache, website cahe and browser cache. In laravel there are a few software cache parts you can reset to rule out laravel itself is the problem: Run the following commands to clear laravel

Run Windows 10 in Dark mode – real black

You most likely knew the new Windows 10 sidebar offers you a quick way to activate ‘Focus assist’ and ‘Night mode’. These do not give you the dark OS experience like the new Android phones give you with the ‘Night mode’. Focus assist blocks interruptions and night mode filters the blue colors. But what if […]

RaspberryPi 4 – webserver

For a few years I have had a RaspberryPi 3 running with php 5.6, 7.1, apache, webmin and virtualmin. On it some scanning software, websites and a package repository. This was all working very well webmin and virtual min were very pleasant . The RaspberryPi 3 took me a month to setup, trying everything from […]

PHPstorm auto completing html code

A short video showing what you can do with emmet in PHPstorm to automplete html structures

Use costs shippingclass for all products in WooCoomerce cart

In a situation where you want the shipping costs determinined by a shipping class to apply for all products in the cart (and not use the highest price). /** * When one of the products has a ‘free-shipping’ class wich gives a discount on shipping * => and you want it to apply to all […]

WordPress .htaccess rule only for frontend (logged out)

So I added some apache .htaccess rows to the .htaccess in my WordPress setup and found the /wp-admin/ was not working anymore. It redirected me to the frontend and I was stuck… The rules worked as wanted frontend, but broke the backend. I needed one extra row to say: ‘only do it frontend’. This is […]

Simple 301 redirects – Bulk Check

# Simple 301 Redirects – Bulk Check # Upload your CSV and verify every redirect is working. Workflow Requirements 1 Upload the plugin * WordPress installation 2 Activate the plugin * Administrator rights 2 Open admin page: ‘Bulk Redirect’ under tools * CSV file 4 Upload CSV * Mouse to press Run 5 Press Run […]

Translated publication date

There are multiple ways to display the publication date above the post and a few ways to translate. One shorthand way is as follows.

Samsung galaxy buds – 92AC

The samsung galaxy buds were recently launched and while using I aquired the following files: Samsung galaxy buds manual – SM-R150 Samsung galaxy buds manual – dutch – 92AC Samsung galaxy buds manual – dutch – support pag Samsung galaxy buds manual – dutch – support pag