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Format bytes

Date interval

scrape indeed

The above code outputs the company review on your site (example is for philips)

Double sql join query

Getting WordPress features images (_thumbnail_id) that have an empty caption and return the ID’s and there relative path (_wp_attachment_file).

Use production uploads on local development

in your .htaccess Just serve everything from production (add to .htaccess in root) Or place in .htaccess in uploads folder to only look for files in production that do not exist in development or your nginx

Create custom tables in WordPress

It is advised to use the default database structure with custom posts and meta fields to store information, but sometimes when you have specific needs or want to scale the proportions of what is happening you want custom tables for your data. Here is a snippet that uses the global $wpdb end a default function […]

Working with SVN in the WordPress repository

Most developers are familiar working with git. But once you have submitted your plugin to the WordPress repository and your plugin has been approved you can not ignore the fact you will have to work with SVN. Content of this article Tools used in this article First time adding your files Editing your files Commands […]