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Wamp PHP 7.2 Mysql 5.7

Wamp PHP 7.2 Mysql 5.7

Updating your wamp stack is relatively easy, you just need the right files and info. There are a few options to consider off which some can be manditory.


We start with this to show it’s priority. But if you do not want to, you do not have to.. If you make backups remind these things:

  • Backup all databases (phpMyAdmin export or command line)
  • Copy the www folder
  • Copy you virtualhost file


After backing up the above files you can delete the wamp folder in your harddrive. Download the latest from the official website.

Update and extras

There are packages to upgrade from various wamp versions to the most recent. One page that offers a clear list is this: page, the packages can be downloaded and executed, and will upgrade the named part. The extra’s can be found in the php, mysql, apache and software packages. You can switch between php versions in wamp, so you can have multiple installed.

  • Rightclick the wamp icon – about to see which version you have
  • Take note of the version and 32bit (x86) or 64bit (x64).
  • Match your updates with your version – get your updates
  • If your version is not updateable you can backup and reinstall the latest version

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