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Atom customized for wordpress

Atom customized for wordpress

atomAtom is a brilliantly fast text editor with endless extras that come in packages. Atom customized for wordpress is a tailored tool for developers who like the functions and snippets in the library.

Atom customized for wordpress

install Atom: download latest from official site

Commands to run in shell, or packages to look up in package manager:

C:\Users\user>apm --version
apm  1.0.1
npm  2.5.1
node 0.10.35
visual studio

apm install linter

apm install linter-jshint linter-php linter-phpcs linter-phpmd linter-scss-lint linter-csslint linter-js-yaml linter-tidy linter-htmlhint

apm install atom-beautify minimap color-picker emmet file-icons highlight-line project-manager livereload

apm install wordpress-api autocomplete-php aligner-php

You can find the package manager by visiting the welcome screen under help.

If windows 10 gives you errors

There are three returning issues for me with php, phpcs and phpmd.

php: if you have wamp installed find the path of php.exe and add it to my computer -> properties -> advanced system configuration -> environment variables -> path
phpcs and phpmd: you can turn these off or install phpcs and phpmd and add the executables to the path (just as above).

Add these two folders [wpdm_package id=’221′]
to C:\ProgramData (or anywhere),
add the path to the internal bin (C:\ProgramData\phpmd\bin + C:\ProgramData\phpcs\bin)
folders to environment path in windows: