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Simple 301 redirects – Bulk Check

Simple 301 redirects - Bulk Check

# Simple 301 Redirects – Bulk Check #

Upload your CSV and verify every redirect is working.

Workflow Requirements
1 Upload the plugin * WordPress installation
2 Activate the plugin * Administrator rights
2 Open admin page: ‘Bulk Redirect’ under tools * CSV file
4 Upload CSV * Mouse to press Run
5 Press Run

Download – Simple 301 Redirect Bulk Verify – latest version

Once a *.csv file is uploaded

You will see a blue scale marking urls that are the same. It is your vigilance that needs to evaluate if they are ok. Colors in the first column are often bad.

Hovering over the list with your mouse

If you hover an URL that is not unique, all others are highlighted orange.

Run the checker

If you click the green Check redirects all redirects that are checked, are checked one by one.