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woocommerce list and compare

woocommerce list and compare

Plugin that lists and compares products.

WooCommerce is a very nice free plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce Pud is a complementary plugin that offers two abilities: to list products and compare them. Both functionalities are not standard in WooCommerce and are not represented in the WordPress repository very well. WooCommerce Pud tops it and combines them: WooCommerce List AND Compare. 

Wholesale and food delivery need lists

For companies that want a lot of products on one page (like WooCommerce archive) but need them compact with the ability to add them (and variations) to the cart (like the WooCommerce product page) this plugin does that.

  • Compact overview of all products
  • Option to select variations

Customers need clear information

Customers need all information in a pleasant structured view (like the WooCommerce product page) and they like to compare. The WooCommerce Pud product list does that. The Woocommerce Pud compare page adds the ability to compare up to 3 products up close.

  • Customers want product information to be available
  • Customers want them to make the best decision

Why is it not a WooCommerce standard?

The short answer is: theme compatibility. Combining the list view and add to cart functionality would ask for a more templates, styling options and product settings making WooCommerce more complex. And how to fit that in all existing themes?

Why WooCommerce Pud?

For now: because it works and it is free.


WooCommerce Pud is beta. There are no guarantees… You will need some skills in styling (css) to make it look good.

Download List and compare