Puddinq.com sharing knowledge


Puddinq com is a tailored functionality set for puddinq.com, it gets the plugins from the server and saves a draft filed with a download option if it is new. In the backend it displays the list.
Each version gets it's own post with download link for that version. Updates for a plugin can be seen in the archive.

PuddinqCom - 0.2.8

PuddinqCom 0.2.8

  • webpack-theme compatible
  • plugin download links on titles

Download: puddinqcom-0.2.8


PuddinqCom 0.2.7

  • author
  • editlinks

Download: puddinqcom-0.2.7

0.2.3 -

PuddinqCom 0.2.3 –

  • style
  • one page

Download: puddinqcom-0.2.3

0.2.2 - updater

PuddinqCom 0.2.2 – updater

  • plugin icon
  • plugin updater
  • consistency
  • dashboard widget

Download: puddinqcom-0.2.2