WooCommerce Notification

This is a usefull help in any kitchen. Leave the order screen open and it will refresh every 30 seconds. If there is a new order compred to the last time, it wil give a visual hint and sound notification. The sound can be turned off.

Shops where orders come in regurarly benifit by getting notified. You can react quickly. Usefull in the kitchen for food delivery but in other situations as well. Packages | Github | Puddinq plugins |

0.0.4 – wp5

WooCommerce Notification 0.0.4 – wp5

  • tested for worpress 5.0
  • tested for woocommerce 4.5
  • default settings
  • open multiple orders
  • compare all instead of the last one (thanx! sirmacik)

Download: woocommerce-notification-0.0.4

0.0.3 – Sounds

WooCommerce Notification 0.0.3 – Sounds

  • Sounds working, if not selected no sound will be played, if selected the choice of a few sounds is available.

Download: woocommerce-notification-0.0.3

0.0.2 – Structure

WooCommerce Notification 0.0.2 – Structure

  • Languages English and Dutch
  • Multiple sounds to choose
  • Some visual options

Download: woocommerce-notification-0.0.2

0.0.1 – Public

WooCommerce Notification 0.0.1 – Public

  • Update feature
  • Icon
  • Settings
  • Cleanup

Download: woocommerce-notification-0.0.1